At Tahitian Gold we are driven by our passion for vanilla and creating top-quality, innovative and sustainable specialty vanilla products for the vanilla connoisseur.

Our passion comes from our roots. Manuata Martin, our CEO and Founder, was born and raised in Tahiti. His family’s roots in this South Pacific island paradise trace back to the early 1760s. He fondly remembers when his mother first introduced him to vanilla’s magic and her love for finding innovative ways to use it in her incredible dishes and beverages. And the spark was lit!

Over the years, Tahitian Gold has become a leader in creating specialty vanilla products. To make our products the best they can be, we collaborate with innovative thinkers that include farmers, curers and vanilla connoisseurs across the food spectrum. Our commitment to quality and sustainability is unconditional as we continuously seek to offer the purest and most flavorful vanilla products available.